Mid Winter Competition Pictures

Mid Winter Competition Pictures

*Report by Alex McCaw/Solomon T*

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who came out to help out! From the people who helped set up, the measures, safety pilots, instructors, tow pilot, scorers and BBQ masters. We couldn’t run an event without the support and help from everyone! It is certainly appreciated. With competitors being judged on airmanship, flour bombing and precision landing, the famous Stew Cain Cup was up for grabs.
We were extremely lucky with the weather and managed to fly the whole day. The rain showers stayed to the west and westerly gales held off until after dark. When the sun finally thawed out the morning frosts, it made the ground wet and slippery which in turn made the short target landing tasks for the day more challenging. Also took a lot longer to wipe the muddy bums of the gliders at the end of the day. The flour bombing task was fun to see all the various methods of execution from different pilots which varied over the day as the winds picked up. There was quite a large variation over the entire day which gave a good indication of how difficult something so seemingly simple could be. Terry’s “Thomas cart” somehow lasted the entire day with all the joy rides it was doing. It was a great atmosphere and great to see so many people turn up.  It was a most pleasant day out.

There were 21 flights for the day and 17 flights scored in the competition. It was great to see such a high level of flying.  The overall winner of the Stu Cain Cup will be announced at the club awards this Friday but I will give some stats and announce some of the winners now.

Average distance from the target: 91m

1st: Karl R 35.4 m
2nd: John McCaw 41 m
3rd: Kev B 44 m
Worst: Rod S 186 m

Best at Estimating Heights:
1st: Wal B

2nd: Rob N
3rd: John McCaw

Biggest Skid mark:
Nigel A

Hit the Toi Toi fence:
Neil W

Alex McCaw

Distance from the touch down mark:
Best 0 m

Worst 84 m
Average: 12.8 m

Distance from stopping mark:
Best 0 m

Worst: 102 m
Average 19 m

Here are a couple of photos from the day.

S Taputoro

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