Weekend Roundup July 8-9

Weekend Roundup July 8-9

*Report by John McCaw*


Good Evening,

Believe or not,  Sunday was a great day for training at Springfield, with Martin Brill out early getting the  glider log books up to date and learning GTO on the go.
3 students completed 8 flights in total ,with Peter towing in DYT.
Solomon completed some exercises with John, and then practicing them on his own.
Benni had 2 dual flights and 2 solo flights  all with superb landings and Tim Duggan had a quick dual flight followed by a solo flight to keep current too.
Wendy and Abbey completed a bike ride up the Dalethorpe road, in the nice weather.
We had a great team out there and were so lucky with weather. (We all hit drizzle and fog by Sheffield on the way home)
I have included a couple of videos from Solomon of

Tim landing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KiqbBySpTdeCbP5K9
Benni’s landing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mxNakjgpX2J5AiGn6

S Taputoro

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