Matariki Weekend Roundup July 15-16

Matariki Weekend Roundup July 15-16

*Report by John McCaw*


Good Evening,

Another very successful weekend at Springfield.

We were blessed with nice mild weather over the 3 days, and a good turnout.
Friday was good training day with some convergence lift to 6000ft. Wal and Rob Meili completed the instruction while Tim Duggan dragged the gliders in to the air with DYT . Rod Stuart ran the office and GTO.
The highlight of the day was the first solo by Matt Cowen. (Congratulations Matt)
Some good training was completed with Dana, Solomon, and Beni while John(JK), Carl S (MQ) and Fabian (CC) had good soaring.
Matt was baptised with a bucket of cold water, to complete the tradition.
There was a good gathering in the house warmed by the fire, with extra food (onion tart) provided by Beni.
A good group stayed  and enjoyed a cool night. (2 Dog night)
Saturday was a lovely day with Rob M and Jenny instructing, and Max towing.There was some wave near Mt Russell which produced some nice soaring.
Mark and Jerry flew MS up to Lake Sumner and down to Mt Hutt and met up with John (JK) for some pictures near Castle hill village. Sandy had a nice flight in CC. Matt and Beni completed some more solo flights, with flying right up to dark. More training was ticked off for Solomon ,Dana, Beni and Rod.
Dana was also lucky to have flight with Terry in ZF to Lake Coleridge and Flock hill.
Sunday was a good day but concluded a little early when it became a bit turbulent.(thanks Peter for towing) Rob M took a trial flight while Alex Hewson took his wife for a wave flight to 9500ft. Colin Winterburn(CC) had a nice wave flight making tracks up and down to Mt Hutt returning so Cristina could fly CC.  Fabian (MQ) had some nice local soaring while the flight of the day was Rangi in CV flying Mt Hutt to Hanmer and return, climbing in wave to 20,000ft. (Great effort Rangi)
Greg arrived with a load of single and filled the potholes on the road in to the field with help from Solomon..
Sorry GTO is down, so I can’t get the statistics but there were a lot of hours flown in gliders, and plenty of tows completed.
Thanks to Beni for Videos and photo of Matt and Wal.
Other pics Carl in MQ, Jerry and Mark in MS and glory bow in Craigieburn wave by John

Sat night great way to round of the day, Dinner in front of the fire watching the rugby.

Wal and Edwin T minus 10 seconds till gone burgers

Wal  and Edwin trail

Can you spot the glider and the tow plane?

Hun in the Sun. (Another Halo day)

Solomon Taputoro

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