Gliding weekend report Aug 12-13

Gliding weekend report Aug 12-13

With the much-appreciated sun-filled weather being sent from above, the Airfield was alive and in good spirits again over the weekend.
A new bird got the shakedown, students were on the loose, Rob Meili was pretending to be French, and we even called 111.
What a great weekend!
With the trial flights kicking off both day’s proceedings, both passengers Robert and Robin were very happy with their flights, especially with the snow top range giving a scenic show.

Flight instructor Nick Oakley
Tow Pilot Colin Winterburn
The weather was warm and some light wave from the west allowed for some good flights.

Vern and Tim kept current with double flights courtesy of Oscar Romeo.
Students Matt, Rod, Beni, and Sol all were on the hunt for the coveted instructor’s signature in their books or check flights for solos.
Solomon also passed a few more landmarks finally reaching 50 flights and booking his longest solo flight yet just shy of 1 hour (58min)

After the diligent prep work by Terry and Neil, the Janus got its first shake-down flight around the block with Nick Oakley and John Robinson taking it through its paces with a 1.5-hour flight. It is constantly getting comments on the new paint job. A real head-turner this bird.

Matt, Beni, and Solomon took advantage of the clubhouse overnight, utilizing Beni’s Condor 2 simulator for training shenanigans.

Flight instructor Rob Cambell
Tow Pilot Baptiste Harduin
Rob Cambell was kept alert by his eager students Matt, Beni, and Sol who all made further syllabus progress towards their soaring certs well done.

We also welcomed our new Tow pilot Baptiste who was a good sport, friendly, and kept our morale up for the day. (Don’t be fooled by the foreign accent, it’s just Rob Meili pretending he’s French.)
Norwesters bought the iron buts out today for some awesome cross-country flights.
Peter Chadwick was the early bird today sneaking off before the pack arrived at 10 am and logging a solid 3-hour exploration.
Nigel Maxley in UZ and Carl in CC followed at lunchtime getting into controlled airspace whilst simultaneously trying to keep their toes warm at -6 degrees.
Peter Taylor (welcome back) and Sandy Yong were eager to take the new slick Janus out for a 2-hour spin.
Terry did what he does best and clocked another epic 4-hour cross-continental flight down to report back on the Omarama region with his passenger Jimmy before turning and burning back home for an always appreciated competition finish.

That wasn’t the only thing burning around the airfield. A seemingly small burn pile on the backside of the Wyndale hills evolved into an industrial-level towering plume of belching black smoke with the surrounding scrub all alight. Everyone was clogging up the emergency 111 lines only to be informed that it was a planned controlled burn much to our relief. That’s winter for ya.

Where credit is due: We cannot reiterate enough the appreciation and respect had by all especially the students for the instructors and tow pilots who we see give so much to make these weekends possible. Thank you once again.

Trial flight Sat and Sun

Solo back from his solo just before sundown

Instructors please face the front when flying at all times . . . otherwise it freaks out the students.

 Beni and Agent 47 Simulator Shenanigins

Terry Delore

Burn off in the Wyndale hills

I don’t think he turned the stove off

S Taputoro

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