Gliding weekend report Aug 26-27

Gliding weekend report Aug 26-27

*Report by John McCaw*

Good Evening,
Another wonderful weekend at Springfield,
Saturday was particularly busy with some wonderful spring soaring.
Peter T was the main instructor for the day and kept busy with Janus flights for Dana, Solomon and Luca who got a really good flight after missing out last week.
First flight before 9.30am with Peter Chadwick completing his BFR with the CFI Peter T.
John flew with Devon (trial flight participant with previous gliding experience ) in PB.
John checked out Rod in OR, followed by Rod spending an hour of his own soaring.
Many nice solo flights were completed by Edwin (RY), Sandy (CC), Rob (JH), Peter (ZW), John (JK).
Mark and Nigel had a nice tour in Arcus MS up to Eskhead and down to Mt Hutt and return.
5 Students had great milestone flights soaring solo.(Beni, Rod, Tim Duggan, Vern and Matt Cowan.) Benny got his longest solo yet 1 hour 40 minutes. He was really happy.
John McCaw landed last for the day after flying in the Craigieburn Wave to 9500ft in the last light of the day.
Thanks to Colin for a busy day in the Dynamic, and to Instructors Peter and John and also to Matt Cowan for keeping the times.Sunday turned out ok, even with lousy forecast.
4 flights were completed with Baptise towing and Christina being the duty pilot for the day.
John flew with Theo (Air Traffic Controller and power pilot from QT) in OR.
Carl Shrimpton flew 3 flights with John to get back in the grove and is progressing very well.
Thanks everyone for turning up on a cooler day, which actually turned out to be very soarable. The picture with all the flights for the day (19 in total) really says it all.

From Solomon:
Got my first flight ever in the Janus Saturday. Flew the whole flight pretty much and got more things ticked off the syllabus.
Peter and I flew to Mount Russell and I managed to get 7,800ft (in the middle of winter also) before ducking over the Big Ben range and playing in convergence over lake Lyndon and then ridge skimming over to and along the Torlesse range watching people walking up the ridge. Great day.
I should start bringing sandwiches and snacks for the instructors and tow pilots as a thank-you.

Pics by Solomon and John

Trial flight Devan

Trial flight Theo

Dana and Peter T

Carl Shrimpton

Helping Edwin Rigging

Baxter pretending he never gets fed

Solomon and Peter T Torlesse range in Janus (PB)

Rob (JH) on Johns wingtip

John McCaw (JK) Snow blowing off the Craigieburn range

John McCaw Torlesse range

John McCaw Wave rotor

John McCaw Highway 73 castle hill

Busy Saturday in winter

S Taputoro

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