Gliding weekend report Sep 9-10

Gliding weekend report Sep 9-10

Septembers spring is finally battling back winter’s harsh grasp bringing with it a contrast of weather. From non-stop Saturday, to all-stop Sunday, pilots from across the island were out to take advantage of the day.

Flight instructor Nick Oakley (Janus)/ Rob Meili (Grob)/ Peter Taylor (Grob ATC)
Tow Pilot Max Stevens
Thankfully more ideal sunny weather was had for our trial flighter Tom in the Janus. May it long continue.
It was also good to meet a previous member (2006) Christchurch-based ex-Glider instructor James Coleman, who we thankfully managed to squeeze in a Grob flight for later in the day. Always good to see old faces and hopefully he will visit more frequently.
The Air Training Corps (ATC) group of 5 kids successfully all managed to get orientated around the club and get flights thanks to the diligent organization and efforts of Peter Taylor throughout the whole day.
Everyone else was grateful to have the club instructor duties for the day shared by Nick Oakley and a pleasant surprise visit from Rob Meili. Huge thank you for this. Great to see you both.
Max our tow pilot was an absolute trooper launching 16 flights and clocking just over 3 hours of solid towing. He’s definitely not acting his age. Somebody buy this man a tall drink.
Kevin dusted the webs off CV for a respectable 2.5-hour country run and John McCaw was our Iron but of the day, out in his Ballasted Cirrus for 4 hours coloring in the map, pinballing around the three ranges, and sightseeing all the ski fields in the area. He’s bound to turn up on social media somewhere. Thanks for the Kraak fly-by John, caught me off guard so no pic sorry. Next time.


Flight instructor Rob Cambell/ Peter Taylor
Tow Pilot Colin Winterburn
To contrast Saturday’s 20C tropic sunshine, Skysight had ominous predictions for the day of possible 40knot winds touching down midday to ruin the fun.
Under Rob Cambell and Peter Taylors’ tutelage, a second ATC group of 5 was eager to crack into the day. Colin ran a test flight in the Dynamic which reconfirmed the reason why we do test flights first, reporting that it was much too turbulent for ops so everyone ended up either gawking at and interpreting the fascinating Van Gogh oil-like cloudscape patterns above our heads, or playing spanners on their gliders.
Rob Cambell made the best of a sad situation and managed to get the ATC bunch signed off to drive the tow car. They seemed to be fascinated by a gear stick that moves in more than two directions.
Also a sincere thank you to Niel and Sandy for your diligent attendance to the grounds maintenance and prepping the grass verges for planting soon to come. Yes, we do notice and it’s going to look magnificent when complete. Offer to lend a hand for 5 min if you can to help their efforts. It lets them know we appreciate the work they do for us.
The days are getting longer and the grass is growing quicker. Soaring students will soon be upon us.
Hope to see you next week.


James Coleman ain’t lost the touch                                                                                       Trial flight Tom


Airforce Training Cadets

Kevin ready for a tow

Two tow pilots walk into  bar . . .

Mad Max needs fuel too you know

John McCaw Ballasted Cirrus flight

Mount Olympus                                                                                                                                      Broken River Ski field

Stranger sky things

Neil on short finals for 22

Sandy showing the weeds whos boss

A rebellious tree refuses to conform to the status quo!
S Taputoro

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