Gliding weekend report Sep 16-17

Gliding weekend report Sep 16-17

Well it’s a much easier report to digest this week, with 50-knot gusts on the airfield keeping us company over the weekend, it completely blew away anyone’s ideas of flying.
But not all was for naught.

An optimistic quartet ventured out to the field early Saturday morning with wishful thinking, hopeful of what they would find.
However, with the rustling forestry pines’ thunderous applause, the seagulls flying backward, and the farmer’s topsoil jumping the road to find greener pasture, the wind at the field proved too erratic for safe flying.

Although grounded, John McCaw instead managed to give our newest club member James MacKenzie a brief partial induction and orientation to the student training syllabus and training gliders. James’ aviation background is quite interesting so do say hello when you see him around won’t ya.

Sunday’s forecast made its intentions clearly known, dispelling any notion of aviating from the get-go.
The most impressive sky-sight wind graphs of the season giving fierce 50knot+ airfield gusts and 300kph winds at 30,000ft. It even looked like the south island grew wings to fly it was that windy.

One thing the wind was good for, was blowing away the annoying pollen that keeps coving my car after I wash it.
It actually reminded me of an old poem I read years ago about New Zealand’s iconic south island weather.
A certain few however refused to remain homebound wasting the weather’s brunt, and contented themselves to harnessing the wind for soaring training via unorthodox means of madness. Blokarting was just what the doctor ordered for the days dose of fun.
Oh well, that’s gliding for ya.
We’ll try again next weekend.

See ya then

John and James’ DI inspections                                                                                                                                                   Who’s a good boy 🙂

Springfield Airfield 50+ knot winds

Skysight wind graphs

Redbull gives you . . . 

Just pretend you’re in a glider and hey presto . . . you’re practicing banked coordinated turns. Typical glider pilots think everything’s an aircraft.
S Taputoro

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