Gliding weekend report Sep 21-30/Oct1

Gliding weekend report Sep 21-30/Oct1

The windy wet weekends have not been so useful as of late, making flying short and desperate at times, but no day is a wasted day when you’re plodding around the gliding club. It’s a big place, you’re bound to trip over a side quest or two in your travels.

Sep Fri 22nd – Mike Marra and his 2 helpers organized the club’s trusty LS4 (CC) supplemental check. It was a mutual agreement, the rain stayed outside and we stayed inside. The onboard FLARM got updated, and the airframe got more slippery with some touch-up paint repairs and waxing. Helping with annual checks when they come due is one of the best excuses to familiarise yourself with specific gliders more in-depth.

Sep Sat 23rd – Another southerly cold snap left some lovely fresh snow-dusted foothills once again and was the only flyable day of the weekend, but only just, due to the very low 1500ft AGL cloud base and advancing spot showers passing through. Two desperate students found the conditions just suitable enough for a few circuit exercises and conveniently realistic simulated outlandings before the cloud crowded in for good by midday.
Now what do we do? Rolling out and pinning down weed matting in preparation for next week’s planting of the drain bunding of course. Obviously!

Sep Sat 30th – Oct Sun 1st – Saturday was again the only flyable day of this weekend however on this rare occasion it was only the trial flighter who got to wing it. That’s okay because the big item on the agenda this weekend was getting all hands on deck for the planting of the drain bunding which was prepped the week prior.

Even with the task being canceled Saturday morning due to the uncertainty of the weather and brisk winds, it didn’t stop people from turning up and getting a cracking head start on the 2-day mission. Sunday saw many more helping hands making quick work of the task, (even Terry with his post-surgery wrist on a shovel) getting much more done than expected but it sure looks good. Thank you for your efforts and perserverance to all who made this happen. You made it that much more enjoyable.

The Doctor gives the LS4 (CC) a health check for the season

Southern Snap of snow

Can’t be a gliding report without some actual gliding. See if you can spot the Gopher


Planting out the drain bunding

Terry pulling his toys apart


S Taputoro

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