Gliding weekend report Oct 14-16

Gliding weekend report Oct 14-16

I must mention last weekend’s worthy wave wanderer was Wal with an envious 17,000ft flight on the pleasant Friday afternoon whilst beaming back grand pictures of Russel flats.
Thanks for the pics Wal. Always appreciate those brief moments that make me feel like I’m not at work, if but for a moment. Many thanks.
Suspiciously though, we don’t know how, perhaps Wal had missed a key step in his pre-flight rituals and forgot to kick all the tires clockwise twice, I’m not pointing fingers, but somebody angered the weather Gods, because the next day, it was howling like a banshee.

Although grounded we were all well-ventilated. I even discovered some mysterious shirts in the backyard which most probably were somebody’s laundry off their line that got launched over from the neighboring suburb. Saturday’s gusts in some open areas of the region approached 100kph. Even the blokarters had to go home.
Out at the airfield, helpful Mr wind was causing all manner of mischief pulling off the new plant matting, tearing off tree branches and sections of hangar flashing and throwing it across the airfield in disgust. It even dismantled the shade sails outside the presidential bar room.
In town it was making a mess throwing trees all over the road, taking down power lines, causing power cuts and large airplanes to fly all funny and drunk through the sky.
Sunday’s wind had only lost a portion of its potency but the rain chased away any chance of flying fun so once again it was an odd job day. John’s Glider flew from the hanger to the maintenance shed for its yearly checkup while Baxter chased the bunnies.
This long weekend we’ve got an extra day flying so I promise to have some much more interesting content for sure. The fuel trailers loaded up ready for action.

Make the most of it.

Wals flight

Mischief Mr wind

JK annual

A big ol can of fun 🙂

S Taputoro

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