Gliding weekend report Oct 20-23

Gliding weekend report Oct 20-23

We had an amazing number of cross-country flights last weekend, with much more to come.  Not bad for a long weekend with only two real flying days. A number of firsts for some students too. Longest flight, farthest away from home etc. Check out the list below.

Friday’s weather began fine but required work followed by a depressing mid-weekend slump in the weather, only to see a strong resurgence on Monday with a full grid to make up for the day lost. 
Thanks for all the great pictures, everyone. Can you guess the locations?
Friday 20th Oct
Peter Chadwick –                        4 hours (ZW)
Warwick Bethwaite –                   3.5hours (CV) 
John McCaw and Greg Tucker – 3 hours (PB)
Bernard and Mike Oakley –         3 hours (OR)
Sat 21st Oct
Circuit day only due to low cloud base. 
Longest flight Colin Winterburn – 30min (CC) 34km
Sunday 22nd Oct
Flying cancelled
Monday 23rd Oct 
Peter Chadwick –                        3 hours 40min (ZW)
Jerry Oniel and Nigel Maxley –   3 hours 40min (MS)
Rob Campbell –                          3 hours 21min (JH)
Terry Delore and Dana –             3 hours 7min (ZF)
Peter Taylor –                              2 hours 53min (ST)
Edwin vrielink –                           2 hours 50min (RY)
Sandy Yong –                              2 hours 44min (CC) Torlesse range 80km
Matt Cowan and John McCaw – 2hours 19min (PB)
Carl Sheppard and Bruce Cooper – 1hour 19min (PB) Torlesse range 47km
Honorable mentions: Fabian Dunker – 30min Landout Castle Hill. 🥳

Check out the sweet as outlanding over in Castle Hill by Fabian in MQ. Haven’t had one of them in a long time . . . aaaaand it just so happened MQ was due for its annual the next day so it
needed de-rigging anyway. Coincidence . . . or an inside job me thinks 🤔

Friday Flights
Greg and John McCaw in the Janus


Saturday Flights Beni and Colin Winterburn

Monday flights grid

X country flight in ASH25 Dana and Terry Delore

X country flight in Janus Matt and John McCaw

X country flight in MQ Fabian Dunker
Solomon Taputoro

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