Gliding weekend report Nov 4-5

Gliding weekend report Nov 4-5

It was a one day wonder weekend this round with Sunday being rained on.

Saturday was loaded with students milling around doing chores, eager cross country potentials and even an international glider pilot stopping just to say hi. All bright and early at the field  looking up confusingly at the scraggly morning sky and wondering HWMDI (how would mario do it?)
With such an eclectic display of weather and cloud, it paid to have a backup plan. The menacing rain curtain threatened operations mid afternoon but thankfully it found more usefulness over the hill so we were spared its torment.
Firstly a grateful and earnest thank you so much to Bruce Cooper covering the flight instructor for the day, and dealing to the demanding number of students and topics covered with devoted professionalism. Even then we couldn’t get everybody through, but that’s ok because CGC Members Flying all Week 13th to 17th November is approaching very soon so hopefully that will balance the scales nicely.

Thank You to Colin for towing and making our days even possible. I’ve found that helping the tow pilot clean the tow plane at the end of the day is a good way of showing gratitude.

Flights for the day
  • James Mckenzie and Colby, students in a sense, both starting with their initiation flights and getting familiar with the foundation of our particular discipline.
  • Beni and Matt both incrementally progress through their soaring syllabus and discover more about the edge of the envelopes.
  • Vern was happy to keep current by logging a few more solo time under his belt in the Twin Astair.
  • Both Rangi in the shark (CV) and the two single seaters were sniffing around up over the ridges punching holes in the sky, and Tim Duggan (in the right place, right time) happily scored a ride with Dough Hamilton for a few hours in his ASH25 (TF) and appreciated an educational derig afterwards.
Plenty more milestones and adventures to be had before the year is out.

Visitors welcome. No strangers here, only friends we haven’t met.

Bruce doing his thing

James McKenzie

Doug Hamilton and Tim Duggan going for a blat in the ASH25

Sol keeping OR company

S Taputoro

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