Gliding weekend report Feb 3-11

Gliding weekend report Feb 3-11

Well the action on the field (and off) these past two weeks has been just what the doctor ordered. The weather on average has been ok with the odd flop here and there but judging by the GTO booking system there’s some valiant flying going on. Makes awesome pictures for the reports. Lets break it down so far…

On January 23rd, we received a request from GNZ president and Director of the CAA for gliding to be represented in a campaign called “Work Together, Fly Apart” which is the CAA’s most important safety campaign. The primary intent is to stop or minimise the amount of fatalities that occur through mid-air accidents at uncontrolled aerodromes (Springfield and Omarama are examples of uncontrolled aerodromes).
This was done via a photoshoot at Christchurch international airport. A big thanks to the team from CGC (Peter Taylor, Mike Marra, Solomon, Baptiste) who helped make this event possible. The rain held off thankfully. I hope this has gone a long way to maintaining visibility of gliding within the NZ flying community and our credibility as a responsible operator of aircraft. The pictures are featured in Vector and on the CAA website. I would’ve mentioned it in the last report but wasn’t allowed to until CAA had published it first. 

The Royal shark gets ready
Christchurch international 29 vector (auto tow launch was very tempting)
Aircraft only ground shot
CAA All Together
CAA All Together
CAA All Together
CAA All Together
CAA All Together
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Saturday 3rd Feb
Flight instructor – Hugo
Tow pilot – Tim Duggan

Still, mild overcast with sporadic sprinkling condition’s predicted very limited options that morning. Saturdays duty instructor was a mystery card right up until the night prior. I meet Hugo, a well know French glider pilot who has actually instructed at our club in years prior. His skill set was put to work after introducing himself to Darren our cherry trial flighter and just managed to eek out a 20 minute flight for him which got a smile on his face thankfully.
Hugo shared only one other flight that day finding 1kt up bubbles to drown in for 38min before he returned. It was futile to persist so we contented ourselves with our efforts for the day and gapped it.

Sunday 4th Feb
Flight instructor – John McCaw
Tow pilot – Luca Ruzzon

Much better weather conditions were definitely appreciated by our trial flighter Josh.
John took Nigel Maxley for a bi annual flight review in the Janus, Wal and Dana had an educational few hours in the mountains and Fabian got to hog CC all for himself.

Darren (left) and Hugo (right) veni, vidi, vici!

Sparkly clean finally!

We decided to go home so of course the clouds did this


Club midweek flying
Flight instructor – Kristoff Ahlner
Tow pilot – Bruce Cooper

Monday 5th
Rod and Beni bashed the circuts in the hot temps with an awesome glowing golden sunset to reward their efforts and wrap up the day

Tues 6th (Waitangi)
It was high overcast, which kept nice low temp conditions with blue wave for the day making it easy to enter the wave.

Two keen early birds Terry and Kristoff launched a famil flight at 0830
Bruce got his A cat Rating with Wal in the Janus
Jerry and Nigel snuck away in the the arcus (MS)
John McCaw enjoyed a cross country trip down to Mt Hutt and halfway up the Puketeraki’s (weglide link)
Two students got to 9000ft (one of Rods fav flights), with one lucky chap getting to 12,000ft once we had apprehensively snuck out to the Cragieburn range.
The most satisfying accomplishment of the the day however was Jeff brooks getting his currency flight signed off with Wal and then rig his Libelle GID with the help of Terry D to fly for first time. (which he flew immaculately may I add) It was a pleasure to see.

There also wasn’t a shortage of animals periodically inserting their opinions throughout the day either. From the three bouncers outside Kraak control constantly charging admission (pats) every time someone wanted to go inside, to Beni and I chasing the sheep off runway.

Lastly a thankyou to Mike Marra and Rod for keeping the fleet flying and fixing OR airbrakes. Rather important those things, so thankyou for your service.


Solomon and Kristoff heading for the Cragies

Rod surfing the Torlesse wave

John puts the puzzle together again

GID lives once again

Jeffs locked and loaded

Shipshape and Bristol fashion

Security has been beefed up at Kraak control. Tinkerbell, Leonburger (Alans), Baxter (Johns)

Wed 7th
Still overcast but our wave conditions had vanished. A few tears in the blanket appeared after lunchtime but the southerly stormed back in by late afternoon. Conditions were flyable but weak. Regardless we still managed to squeeze in 14 flights.

Jeff fixed a fault in his Libelle and got more soaring in later on
Kristoff flew a trial flight for a Chinese guy and Jenny took her nephew Ben for a flight as a 21st birthday present. (What a nice Aunt)
Colin got a medal for the longest flight (55min)
Kristoff managed to send Rod, Beni and Solomon off for some solo consolidation.
And we had the loveliest BBQ dinner. Need to do more of this. Really rounds off the day superbly.

                                                                                      Carl does some damage

Rod: whaddaya mean I don’t know how to park

Thurs 8th
Matt Cowan (welcome back) unfortunately had useless weather to try some recurrency flights due to a 1000ft cloud base. Circuits it was then. We were impressed by all the bunnies he dodged on landing though 🙂

Fri 9th
Kristoff did his best to get his three friends from the UK passenger flights to see the area.
Rob Campbell also found limited success with his Cirrus.
Beni still refuses to go home as he keeps gaining experience in anticipation of his single seat conversion to MQ.

Overall there was actually a lot of activity and some memorable moments. If the weather had of given us a few more good days to work with the flight stats would’ve been much higher but I’m glad the week eventuated.
Kristoff has completed C Cat instructor and is doing a great job being responsible for the weekday instructing with Bruce towing and providing senior instructor supervision. As a reminder Kristoff finishes this Friday 16th.

Events Coming Soon
Welcome to New Members BBQ. Date TBA


Saturday 10th feb
Flight instructor – Peter Taylor
Tow pilot – Tim Duggan
The weekend rolled in like clockwork and the wave was back with vengeance and boy did some people cash in.
Carl and Peter did some passenger rating stuff
Fabian took his new girlfriend Janus out for a date
Rangi had the coolest (no pun intended) 5 hour wave flight racing up to lake Tennyson and back down to lake Tekapo before diving for home.
Kristoff was “over the moon” shall we say with his wave flight in his recent conversion into CC. I could see the grin on his face from Christchurch. I seem to have misplaced those pictures. . . how unfortunate 🙂

Kristoff and Rangi surfing the wave

Sunday 11th feb
Flight instructor – Rob Campbell
Tow pilot – Tim Duggan
While Rob was preoccupied with his instructor duties and obligations,
Kristoff and John McCaw nipped off to Mount Rolleston on the west coast! just pass Arthurs pass village in the Janus for 5 hours. We don’t often get out there so  it’s nice to remind them we’re still here. Have a look here.
I wish I knew where Alex Hewson got to in JJ. I hope the two met up on the way.

Mount Rolleston, West Coast

S Taputoro

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