Gliding weekend report Feb 12-18

Gliding weekend report Feb 12-18

We’ve had some more busy weeks here at the paddock of resistive mechanical deflection dampers.


Ab initio week
Last weeks Ab initio week (12-16 Feb) seriously added to the seasons winning streak with an unbelievable amount of utilization from six new and promising “6 flight” candidates who some of us have had the pleasure of welcoming during the week. I could see that spark of fervor rekindled once again as people shared their passion of aviation with each other.
Whoever came up with the idea hats off to you’ll. This was made possible due to promotion of the event on the webs and the availability of our mid week combo instructor Kristoff and Tow pilot Mike Strathern.
We’re planning a BBQ lunch next Sat 2nd March to welcome the new fledglings and say a long farewell to summer. I can smell it already.Β 

The Weekend Warriors
Saturday 3rd Feb
Flight instructor – Alex McCaw
Tow pilot – Luca Ruzzon
There was some great thermal convergence conditions the for the lucky aviators that made it out there. Of the 12 flights that ascended the void, alas I only can share with you but one (although a great one) Edwin had a satisfying flight hooning around the Rolleston range (where you will NOT find Mount Rolleston) and up to Esk head leaving a trail of breadcrumbs along the way. His pictures here on Weglide give a better reference of the conditions. Well done Edwin. Money well spent.

A buoyant and bubbly day

Sunday 4th Feb
Flight instructor – Nick Oakley/ Peter Taylor/ John McCaw
Tow pilot – John McCallister
I don’t know how we ended up with so many instructors on duty but thankyou for the benefit of your time. The day gave us 14 flights in blue thermal conditions with smooth laminar flow above 4000ft. The flying was a tad tricky but the late afternoon winds concluded the battle of East vs West coast with the westerly winning brining small signs of convergence clouds which was a helpful.
While setting up in the morning I bumped into John McCallister, our (new/old) Tow pilot for the day who has recently returned from his 2 year break due to some unfortunate health issues. Well I definitely couldn’t tell by his flying. Text book aviating and loving it.
The tow plane tried to fake a sicky after lunch, but after Terry, John McCaw, John MacCallister, Bruce Cooper and the eagle eared Peter Chadwick all gave it a stern talking to about responsibility and duty to King and country it behaved itself for the rest of the day.

Circuits were the appetizers of the morning for Dana and Sol while Christina tutored her student “Bruce” via the Janus.
Three of our new 6 flighters (Britta, Francesco and Tomas) were out to do business again with Britta clocking up her 7th flight.
By contrast, Francesco was inducted into the first of his 6 flights by Peter Taylor, fed, briefed, kitted and all hyped to go, their big plans for their first flight was foiled by the tow plane issue (above) on tow so they got dropped off back over the field to try again when the issues were fixed.
Lastly Tomas from Argentina who has flown flatland many years prior was introduced by John McCaw to these hard pointy things which get in the way every now and then when flying in mountain terrain. They are intimidating to start with but you get use to them after a while Tomas don’t worry.

What will the season bring next?

John McCallister back in the saddle again

DYT tries to get out of work

Smile you’re famous πŸ™‚

Captain Crunch and his 2ICΒ 

Britta mid checklist – Pilots live and die by them

Francesco learning the ropes

Tomas back from his X country with John

Nigel and Jerry have been getting good mileage out of the arcus this year

What do we have here . . . a potential addition to the single seater fleet maybe πŸ™‚

Farewell ol chum
Feb 23rd – Thanks to everyone who could make it to Kristoff’s farewell that evening and make it memorable. I think everyone found some way in which they appreciated how you served and benefited our club through your instructional capacity over the last few months to make so many things possible. It was fun getting to know you. You came to fly, and fly you did. You also educated us and you entertained us. I hope the stories, knowledge and experiences you take home with you will serve you well in whatever you choose to put your hands to. Please take with you our respect and greatest wishes for your success in your journeys. Thank you from the bottom of our little corner of the world πŸ™‚Β  – CGC

Solomon Taputoro

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