Gliding weekend report Mar 9-10/16-17

Gliding weekend report Mar 9-10/16-17


Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

The clock of life is wound but once,
And no man has the power,
To tell just when the hands will stop,
at late or early hour.
Now is the time you own;
The past’s a golden link.
Go flying now, my brother,
It’s later than you think.
– Cas Wolan

Saturday 9th March
Flight instructor – Rob Campbell
Tow Pilot – Luca Ruzzon
17 flights
The busy day started off with promising warm mid level weather. Luca our tow pilot for the day even brought a friend to work to introduce him to the sport of towing, before flawlessly cranking out 18 flights for the day.
It was also good to see some passengers flights circumnavigating the hills in the twin Grob. Neil walker kindly flew his sister from the UK , and Kev brought his granddaughter out.
The remaining contenders managed to get all the toys out of the shed including some from the trailer park and climb away before a carpet of 7/8 low level clouds rolled in like waves with the south easterly wind suffocating all the thermal action. Anyone looking out their window would’ve closed the curtains and gone back to bed. Thankfully the driving wind that accompanied it saved the day and got the nursery ridge working, so the rest of us all kept our heads low and B lined for the drag strip to make the most of the rest of the day.

Sunday 10th March
Flight instructor – Alex McCaw
Tow Pilot – Colin Winterburn
11 flights
My info for Sunday was only 2nd hand but it sounds like the weather was high pressure clear skies.
Nick took a few grateful friends for passenger flights, and the happy chap of the day was Matt Cowan, one of our steady students, who finally got his platinum flight with Terry in the ASH. It’s one of those privilege’s that all the newbies hope for as they ponder how the mysterious hand of destiny choses whom it shall bestow the honor upon.

Matt had this to comment –
“Enjoyed my first time sitting behind Terry and getting to experience 1st class service. Learnt a lot from watching the flight tracker about how to climb in thermals. Another great lesson enjoying ridge lift and how to use red hill to jump up. Joined a massive gaggle of gliders on the Big ben range. Then a cruise home thanks to the Torlesse. As always, blown away by the generosity of club members taking us newcomers up on flights and those acting as instructors. Fantastic environment to be part of.”

Bring your mate to work day. Luca (near) Shem (far)

Rod (Left) and Carl (right). If you stare hard enough, you can almost imagine Carl as a Bald man 😀

Tobias (left) ticks off flight number two for the books.

Kev running through cockpit checks with his granddaughter Alex

Peter getting the secret weapon (ST) ready

You shall not pass!                                                                                                                                    Home on the ridge

Matt Cowan and Terry Delore in the classroom of life flying first class

Battle buddies Alex McCaw and Tomas in the Grob


Saturday 16th March
Flight instructor – Mark Aldridge
Tow Pilot – Baptiste Harduin
18 flights
Stable cirrus laden atmospheric conditions had the blue thermal bandits out on the grid and primed ready for the hunt. A few more visitors said hello. Alex McCaw took Nick Hutton (affiliated with Brit GP sail team) for a flight in the Janus and Nigel took his daughter Alex after that. 
Students Tobias, Peter and Gideon all showed great interest following their instructor Mark around for the day. It’s satisfying to see them do well. We also had a tangled invasion of pets today which always brightens anyone’s mood. Even an electronic glitch in MQ’s cockpit got the techy’s scratching their noggins and after a rewarding action packed day it’s always the drinks and story time that puts the cherry on top. 

Sunday 17th March
Flight instructor – Independent ops
Tow Pilot – Max Stevens
3 flights

Great day for flying

Now where does John hide the in flight candy?

Nick Hutton and Alex go soaring

Matt Aldridge photographed John McCaw (JK) while hiking on the Torless range. John glider almost looks painted.

In the realm of angelic light the thin clouds create a chromatic aberration ring

Sunday Funday
Mischief managed 🙂

CC got an annual for another year and as usual the clouds came out to tease us while we worked.

I meet some protesters blocking the road on the ride home from the airfield

I meet the local parliament

. . . and I spotted a great landout!

It really is a magical world

Solomon Taputoro

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