Gliding weekend report Mar 24-31/Apr 1

Gliding weekend report Mar 24-31/Apr 1

Easter weekend. It’s a central and celebrated national Christian holiday (holy day) that has long been part of our countries origins and history. It talks about the unsuspecting paradox of life through death. Though it’s origins are religious in nature,  the enjoyable side effect that we benefit from is the long weekend although the traffic can infuriate us holiday goers. The lucky few who made their way to the Wanaka airshow got an enviable display to remember it by but for us homing pigeons who stuck around the smog, we made our own fun to remember the weekend by.

Sunday 24th Mar
Flight instructor – Peter Taylor/ John McCaw
Tow pilot – John McCallister
Students: Britta and Matt, was good to see you out again learning the ropes and Benny got one step closer to jumping into the single seater. Any day soon now.
We had plenty of people swan off to the mountains but our best over the hill shots came thanks to John McCaw, who then zipped back to kindly assist Peter Taylor with the instructor duties and get our new member Shem initiated in the Janus. He’s quite the aviator apparently.

Systems check, radio check, weather check, flight log check – duty pilot ready for action 🙂

Trial flighter Ian orientating to the surprise birthday present which he only learnt about half an hour prior

The USS Cirrus galactic explorer – captains log star date 240424: planets surface radiation has increased dramatically. Efforts to construct a rudimentary air foiling vessel for atmospheric research has shown much promise. Will update for post flight analysis.

John McCaw on the Torlesse

John found some ants to entertain slogging it up the ridge

Shem finds the wait well worth it as John introduces him to our neck of the woods

Matt poses for a pic while balancing in the wind


Friday 29th Mar
Flight instructor – Jenny Wilkinson
Tow pilot – Luca Ruzzon
Benny finally got the ridge soaring exercise he needed playing chicken with the hill. Jenny kept him alert. Fabian was somewhere off yonder, who knows what mischief he gets up to while we’re not watching.

Todays show is bought to you by . . .

Pics courtesy of Luca our Tow pilot running for home after dropping off his customer at the ridge.


Saturday 30th/Sunday 31st
Circumstances transpired that our four day flying weekend got chopped down to two. Unfortunately Sat and Sunday were both independent ops rated flights only so the sky lay dormant. It was a sad eventuality but it takes more than a lack of instructors to thwart our plans! One way or another we will fly. We must fly!

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Monday 1st Apr
Flight instructor – Jenny Wilkinson
Tow pilot – Max Stevens
There was a big fat high sitting on top of the island and it wouldn’t get off. Consequently the cloud got squashed low and there was no wind which meant only one thing, circuit practice for the students. Dana and Colby were our two contenders for the day trading tit for tat. Dana gave us the best entertainment getting recurrent after a while away but Colby came away with the prize after bagging his first successful solo flight thanks to the tutorage by Jenny and services of Max our tow pilot. Well Done Colby.

The patchy clouds amusingly enough matched the patchy lawn so it didn’t look so out of place

DYT found a friend

Oh those pesky knots

Colby the terminator Solo Mission complete:  Status “Tow pilot” activated

S Taputoro

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