Gliding weekend report Apr 27 – May 12

Gliding weekend report Apr 27 – May 12

For everything there is a season. For everything a place and time. Lately the reason for the season has been oriented around the word “maintenance”.

Maintain the infrastructure of our club. (Working Bee)
Maintain the manning of our clubs roles. (Tow pilot and instructor training)
Maintain our mechanical assets of our club. (Tow plane due for engine swap plus annuals for gliders)
Maintain our aviating skills and standards. (Winter weather diminishes frequency and soaring opportunities)
In fact it’s the most simplest and holistic definition of the word “discipline” that I know.
Discipline = The maintaining of a standard.
because if you understand why the standard was put there in the first place (to protect/ safeguard), you will then understand the importance of discipline.
In our case it’s a necessary labour of love we chose to strive with in order to maintain the symbiotic relationship between man, machine and mother nature.

Sat – Sun  Apr 27
Flight instructor – Wal Bethwaite
Tow pilot – Tim Duggan

CGC autumn working bee
A huge thank you to all those able to help at the club working bee on Saturday. As we regularly say, one of the strengths of our club is the willingness of all members to do what they can to help run the club. Working bees are not needed now as much as they were when we were establishing the club facilities, but maintaining what we have will always need attention. They do provide a time for new members to meet some who have been in the club for many, many years (and continue to turn up to help) and for us all to enjoy each other’s company whilst pitching in to keep our club shipshape.
A few jobs on our target list we didn’t get to, like the bbqs, CC and PB trailers. If you can help with these in the coming weeks, please contact Kev.
Stand out worker was probably Nigel Ackroyds wood splitter. The stand out food was the bbq lunch which gets better each time the bbq is fired up along with the perfect weather.
Notwithstanding these two features, the many jobs completed were the result of a really great team effort on a number of fronts. . . . and people still went flying after their chores so there was no excuses 🙂

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Sat – Sun Apr 28
Flight instructor – Jenny Wilkinson
Tow pilot – Max Stevens
The weather is always good for someone. Rain for ducks, and fine short winter days with low cloud bases are good for solo currency and trail flights.
Great to see you out Matt keeping the dream alive.

Trial Flighter Steve Bryant with Matt Cowan (Wing runner), Max Stevens (Tow Pilot), and Jenny Wilkinson (Instructor)


Sat/Sun 4-5 May 11-12 May

Instructors training weekends
Over the last 2 weekends, using a classroom and the twin grobs, Wal and a handful of senior instructors (plus some backup from Omarama) ran some great instructor training for some new C-cat instructors, some new A-cats, some foreign conversion training for some of our new German members, and a recurrency. The foundation was getting us all on the same page with continuity of instruction, teaching the new PTP training syllabus. A fair bit of flying, mixed in with some classroom work with some healthy discussions. We have a great talent pool at CGC, and look forward to some more quality instruction coming your way soon.
Hopefully soon we will be back to having a full compliment of instructors and this alleviate having independent operations flying days in the weekend.
HUGE thankyou to Gavin and Brian Sharp flying up from Omarama for your assistance and support through the training. The help was immensely appreciated especially by the instructors.

Tow pilot training
Simultaneously there is a sterling effort going on in background from our chief tow pilot Peter Chadwick in arming a new wave of tow pilots (Shem, Colby, Britta) from the ranks with dynamic ratings (and soon tow ratings). Along with the recent return of John McAlister, this bumps up our pool of tow pilots to happily cover operations and have reserves.

AAANND . . . .  our new glider is on the way sooner than you might think as well as the mid winter competition.  When this all comes to fruition its going to be great.

Much nicer than the -6C! we had out Christchurch early Friday morning

Gavin Wrigley and Brian Sharp roll on up on point to help kick off the day in style.

Vern and “Mike” on that familiar walk out to claim their turf in the que


Instructors role play, acting dumb for their students to add a bit of realism to the simulation exercises.  Rumor has it that
John McCaw is either Clint Eastwood in disguise or just a natural 😀

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WhatsApp Image 2024-05-05 at 16.37.31_f9251fa7
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Janus welcome to Springfield flight. Brian Sharp (left) and John McCaw (right)

CGC MEMBERS ALERT: Everyone will be comforted to know that the prodigal son has now returned. We found the sad looking fuel log and card on Saturday (can you spot it?).
As the 20 blind mice scurry around the field, the little fuel log waits. As they pamper and polish their pretty aircraft, the little fuel log waits. As they chase the sun and query the wind, the little fuel log waits . . . . and hopes that someone would put him back in the drawer in Kraak control where he belongs.

Better keep an eye on this Gideon guy. I turn my back for a second and he’s almost halfway to solo 🙂

Misha (Mikhail) Kotsyanovsky welcome to the club

CONGRATULATIONS Beni as he savours the satisfying mile marker of single seat conversion.
Both him and Brian Choate were first time in MQ today. Theres going to be a punch up over MQ with all these new single seat pilots.

A drink around the cozy fire and thats how it’s done folks. Y ‘al come back now ya hear. 

S Taputoro

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