General Information

General Information

Rules for the Airfield

  • The speed limit is 15 km/h at all times. Please drive along the fence line at all times. To find the centre of operations look for the caravan – its location will depend on the wind direction on the day.
  • Landing gliders are quiet and sneak up on you so always maintain a lookout for them when on the fields or surrounding areas
  • Treat all aircraft propellers as dangerous, even when stopped.
  • If you have friends and relatives with you, we enjoy their enthusiasm and interest, but please pass these rules onto them to make it safe for everyone (Please leave pets at home).
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in asking.
  • Most importantly have a great time!

What You Need to Know and to Bring

  • Start – we usually try and start these flights at approximately 10am.
  • Finish – expect to finish around lunch time. We are an all voluntary organization and we might not always get off to the quickest start in the morning. Being there early (9am) will give you an opportunity to see how the gliders are prepared for the days flying.
  • Clothing – You are much more likely to feel hot than cold when flying at the altitudes experienced during this course. A sunhat, sunscreen and plenty of water (not fizzy) are a must. In the summer light colored clothing is a good idea. Some light food is also recommended. Because the airfield is wide open to the elements you should also bring some warm clothing as well.

Paperwork – Before your flight you must

  • Complete the “One Month” club membership form
  • Pay the full course fee (cash, cheque or Visa/MC)