L126 Craigieburn Stn

L126 Craigieburn Stn


DegreesS 43.1016635°E 171.8590453°
Degrees, MinutesS 43°06.09981′E 171°51.54272′
Degrees, Minutes, SecondsS 43°06’05.988″E 171°51’32.563″
New Zealand TM Grid52271781507151

Altitude: 1815 feet

Runway heading: 134/314


This landout site is best avoided. If you really have to then by all means land here, but if you can avoid it, please do.

This paddock, which once was 1 large paddock has been divided into 2 paddocks with a fence between them. The eastern of these paddocks is uneven, boggy, has got sheep in it and is not very long (about 400 m). The western paddock on the other hand is flat, has no obstacles and is about 500 m long. That’s long enough to land in but not long enough to aero tow out again. A road retrieve is also going to be quite a mission as it will involve trying to find a way into the paddock via the farm where nobody might be home to help you (as was the case when this landout site was visited) and  you’ll have to go via farm roads that might be best suited to the likes of tractors.

The yellow numbers on the second map correspond the numbers below the other photos so you know where the photos were taken.

This landout site is about 4km east of L125, just to the north-east Lake Hawdon, the white rectangle is the area in the map below this one
The red line is a fence, the paddock east of it is not ideal to land in, take the paddock to the west of the fence
1. A gate leading to nowhere really, no access to the paddock here!
2. Looking east towards the farm
2. Looking north-east, this is the paddock not recommended to land in, aerial photo below shows why
2. Looking north-west towards the recommended paddock
Photo taken west of the paddock, looking east, as you can see the paddock in front is long and flat and should be easy to land in
Same view but from a little higher, note the road and train tracks to the right of the paddock
Here you see why the eastern paddock is not recommended to land in: boggy, relatively short and (just outside the photo) : lambs
Don’t try to land in this triangular shaped paddock closer to the farm, it’s not flat and too short
View from closer to the farm looking pretty much west, note again the obstacles in the closest paddock, the fence and then the good paddock