L136 Grasmere Rd Jnctn

L136 Grasmere Rd Jnctn


DegreesS 43.0497149°E 171.7554306°
Degrees, MinutesS 43°02.98290′E 171°45.32584′
Degrees, Minutes, SecondsS 43°02’58.974″E 171°45’19.550″
New Zealand TM Grid52328271498634

Altitude: 1980 feet

Runway heading: 140/320


This triangular paddock is easy to find as it’s right at the junction of the West Coast Rd and Craigieburn Rd. The orange line in the top-view below has a length of 800m and the blue line is a whopping 1000m long. So absolutely plenty of length to land a glider here. The location is perfect, right next to the road with very easy access via an unlocked gate. This landout site is going slighty downhill towards the north.

Top-view of L136, a little north of L137 Lake Grasmere and west of the smaller Lake Sarah. The numbers in yellow show the locations where the photos below with the corresponding numbers were taken. The 2 small red circles are the approximate locations of 2 concrete water troughs, watch out for those
1. Looking back south, going slightly uphill
1. Looking east, again you can see the site is going slightly downhill towards the north
1. Looking north, downhill
2. Easy access via unlocked gate
3. A little further south, in the past there was a row of trees at the south end of the paddock but these have been cut
4. 800m to land a glider
The site as you might see it on finals, note the red encircled concrete water troughs
L136 seen from higher up
A number of paddocks just south of L136, notice that they are likely not long enough in north-south direction to land in, but landing east-west would be possible, they are not the ‘official’ landout site though
Photo of Lake Grasmere, taken from the same position as the photo directly above but turned about 90 degrees to the right
Again the view as you might see it on finals
The northern end of L136, towards the junction
Directly north of L136, looking back south, note that the road on the left (Craigieburn Rd) leads to some more landout sites