L140 Woodlands

L140 Woodlands


DegreesS 43.5222167°E 171.7566667°
Degrees, MinutesS 43°31.33300′E 171°4540000′
Degrees, Minutes, SecondsS 43°31’19.980″E 171°45’24.000″
New Zealand TM Grid51804401499520

Altitude: 1286 feet

Runway heading: 155/335


This landout site lies 20km SW of Springfield aerodrome and 4.5km NE of the Rakaia river.

The yellow square is where L140 is located and is shown in the image below. Note the position relative to Springfield aerodrome (the heart symbol in the top right corner) and Mt Hutt on the far left.


A very clear letter H shape and the two ‘space invaders’ in the top-left quadrant are what make this landout site easy to spot, the yellow line is the actual strip
That’s about 660m of strip to land your glider on
View from the side
Your likely view on final approach