L141 L Lyndon

L141 L Lyndon


DegreesS 43.3287833°E 171.6800000°
Degrees, MinutesS 43°19.72700′E 171°40.80000′
Degrees, Minutes, SecondsS 43°19’43.620″E 171°40’48.000″
New Zealand TM Grid52015561492972

Altitude: 2657 feet

Runway heading: 40/220


This landout site lies about 2km SSW of Lake Lyndon. In practice it consists of 2 parts, the northern part and the southern part (both in green in the top-view below), separated by deep tracks (in red). The nothern part is the best part to land in but the southern part would be a good alternative if the northern one is occupied. Both green rectangles are about 500m long so plenty of length to land a glider. This particular area is often visited by gun owners sighting in their guns on shooting targets, they tend to be on the eastern side, near the ditch. Their cars could be parked anywhere on the field though! The yellow numbers correspond to the numbered photos below so you know where they were taken.

This should be an easy landout site, not far from Springfield and with easy access to the field, so retrieving should be straightforward.

Top view of L141, the red line denotes the deep tracks in the photo below
1. The entrance to the site as seen from the road (Lyndon Rd). Notice the deep track in the middle
2. View from halfway down the red line looking NNE
3. View from the beginning of the top green rectangle looking SSW
4. View from the east side of L141 looking West. There’s a deep ditch (starting at the snow in the photo) to the east of this landout site and a road to the west with power lines along the road
5. The deep tracks again, you want to make sure you come to a stop well before them
6. Cars could be parked anywhere
7. View from the bottom of the southern rectangle towards NNW
8. View from the same point as the photo above but looking south now, it’s the ditch again