L144 Castle

L144 Castle


DegreesS 43.2302760°E 171.7254308°
Degrees, MinutesS 43°13.81656′E 171°43.52585′
Degrees, Minutes, SecondsS 43°13’48.994″E 171°43’31.551″
New Zealand TM Grid52127381496495

Altitude: 2382 feet

Runway heading: 10/190


This landout site lies just to the east of the West Coast Rd, opposite Castle Hill. The ‘official’ paddock is paddock number 4 on the map below but especially when landing towards the south paddock number 1 might be a much better choice. Paddock 1 is also longer (550m) then paddock 4 (440m). Paddocks 2 and 3 are also an option.

Top view of L144. The non-areal photos below were all taken from where you see the yellow asterisk. The red lines are fences. The green numbered paddocks are the landable paddocks
Paddock 1, long, easy road access, right across the street from Castle Hill car park, great for landing in both S and N direction
Turned a little to the left: the paddock just north of paddock 1, sheep and with the fence in it not really long enough
View of entrance to paddock 1 from across the road, Torlesse Range in the background
This is the paddock just north of the Castle Hill car park, people have been known to land here but it’s not the recommended paddock
Castle Hill on the right, the car park on the left and the paddock just north of it that is best avoided
What used to be 1 paddock (the paddock between paddock 1 and 4) is now divided into 2 smaller ones with fences (for the lambs), likely not long enough to safely land in, best avoided
View to the north, the green patch roughly in the center of the photo has seen some landouts as well
Paddock 4 will be difficult to land in when landing to the south as you have the line of trees at the northern end
Which reduces the space left to land
Paddock 1 on the other hand doesn’t have this problem
Paddock 1 again