Landout Guide

Landout Guide

When flying cross country there is always the possibility that at some point you run out of lift and have to landout somewhere. Ideally you will have visited all possible landout sites in person so you know what to expect but this of course is very time-consuming and in practice not many people do this. This landout guide aims to make cross country pilots (especially beginners) more familiar with the landout sites they might one day have to land in when flying from Springfield.

On the map below you see a number of the landout sites that are closest to Springfield (bottom right). The sites on the map are shown by the code and name (eg “L145 Flock Hill”) that they are known by in the gliding community. These codes and names are exactly like you find them in the turn-point files as can be downloaded on the Gliding NZ website.

Every landout site currently in this guide (it’s a work in progress, not all sites are in the guide yet) has its own page with information regarding the site and a number of photos, including aerial photos taken with a drone to give you an idea of what the site looks like from the air and what you can expect to see when you’re on finals. Hopefully this visual familiarization with the landout sites will be of benefit if you ever have to land there.

Simply click on the landout site you’re interested in on the map to be taken to that landout site’s page, or select it from the list below